Well. In this time of restrictions, I still work over the web with many friends and clients. I have mastered music for about 80 clients in Sweden since 13 th March 2020. At the moment I create music/sound backings on audiobooks. It is all about backing up feelings, a little like film scoreing. Very fun and mind challenging. If you have recorded a narration on your book. Don´t hesitate to add some drama in the background on it. I still write music on demand and record all of this in my studio in Los Cristianos and mobile. I have in my gearbox the, in my opinion, sharpest mike in the world. Created by Martin Kantola and sent to me 2020. It is in a way the 25.000 dollar Neumann U-47, but far away better. It is the NAL NU 100K. Used among the top engineers in the world.

Pictured SCT-800 Tube and NU100K

I intend to put up some links to my stuff on this site, so follow.......
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